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Hours of Operation: Monday-Sunday by Appointment Only.

Distant Reiki sessions are an option?

Absolutely they are! You can be in the comfort of your home no matter where that is and the effects will be the same as if you were in person. I will still be able to feel which of your chakra(s) are blocked and after the session they will be open. 

What to expect before and after your Reiki session:

  • I will have you complete a consent form prior to your session (basically acknowledging that I am not a doctor, nor will I be giving any medical advice)
  • Please refrain from drinking alcohol at least 24 hrs. before your session. This allows your body to achieve its highest good during your session.
  • You will stay fully clothed during the session. I only ask that you remove your shoes.
  • If it’s your first session with me, it may go a bit longer than 1 hr. so I can answer any questions you have, and I’ll share information regarding what chakra(s) were blocked.
  • After your session I recommend you drink plenty of water.

Disclaimer: All packages have a 1 year expiration date.

Call: (402) 699-9211
Or email: [email protected]

Pay using Square, or you can pay through Venmo by just scanning the code to the right.


Don’t forget to fill out your client consent form prior to your appointment!


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Please call, text, or email for availability on Saturdays and Sundays.

If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment please give at least a 24 hour notice ahead of time.

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